måndag 28 november 2011

I'm using nothing...

Blogging is obviously another thing I'm no good at... So what has happened? Since last I've done three gigs, got myself an ADHD diagnosis and watched my father disappear of lung cancer... Don't smoke kids!

All three gigs was a lot of fun in different ways. One of them was the debut gig for Düsseldorf 57. That one was exciting because we didn't have the time to rehearse properly... But those guys...those guys..

The last gig (a solo one) was in a house outside Östersund owned by SHRA. A small room. A tiny PA and me. The people were so close I could smell the alcohol on their breath and also their lack of hygiene. I love that! I don't want to be on a stage. I don't want the sound to be "larger than life" I want you close! Come here! I want to be able to hear what you're saying without you gotta shout it to me! I want you to hear my in between teeth comments! I want you to interact! If you dare! heh-heh... That's what I call a fun gig! I'll try to help you through music and you'll help me just through accepting me! And then if you also like my music it's fantastic!

torsdag 30 juni 2011


I'm from the north of Sweden. Lots of space,not that much people. Very easy to get rehearsal spaces... So when I'm going to a rehearsal with Düsseldorf 57 I'll have to drive around 600 km south. It's stupid. But it's funny how I can think it's worth it. It's a curse and a blessing at the same time... Like having children but a bit cheaper..

In August we got a gig in Aalborg Denmark. At this moment the promoters say we play "real" blues. They're in for a suprise! But let's hope that we can play a couple of songs together by then? I mean JO and Kai can play the songs alright and I can play the songs but can I play together with them? Well, If I can't I just wiggle my butt a little more and then the girls won't notice how lousy I am... I don't care bout the guys anyway so... Heh-heh just kidding...now buy the record!


lördag 4 juni 2011

Gigging on the national day!

My first post... hopefully I'll be posting some interesting stuff here too not just advertising gigs...
Anyway on Monday it's Swedens so called National Day which is a strange thing? When I was a kid it was called The Swedish Flag Day!?

So I'm celebrating the fact that Sweden is a nation? With playing some music that got it's roots in Africa, Ireland, USA, Ångermanland, Vallaskolan among a lot of other places because is it something that is Swedish to me it's an openness for influences from other cultures.

Bye for now and Have it!