torsdag 30 januari 2014

Corpse Pine and a little bit about Hajregn

I just wanna play music.

I had a bunch of (unfinished) songs that I wanted to play. But they sounded quite different from each other so I thought:

I don't wan't to be forced to think about what I'm doing anymore. "Will this be something the others wanna play?" "Will it fit our style?" "What will people think?" "Who am I if I play that kind of music?"

When I asked for musicians for the band that would become Corpse Pine (more about the name here: The Pine!) I said no thanks to their taste in music.
Yeah you thinks it's good or bad, nice, just play it as good as you can and you'll make me happy.

I want to do something interesting and fun and just to let it be... what it is. Not trying to "spice things up" or make it "more interesting" than... we are. The most musicians I know is just like...common everyday people and I think that's great. So we should sound like that most of the time too...

We're looking for more band members BTW. Accordion, fiddle or something else that is not a guitar? But if you wanna sing harmonies and the guitar is the only instrument you play? Okay then!

So why acoustic?

Because I haven't done it before and I'm very tired of carrying a lot of stuff that only breaks all the time anyway... So of curiousity and laziness... More curiousity I think to be honest...


I'm banging on the drums and we forcing crazy ideas in to songs. Fun! As fun as:

You'll hear from me!